Michael R. Splinter

Chairman of the Board
Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Applied Materials

Mr. Splinter was elected Chairman of Nasdaq’s Board effective May 10, 2017. He is a business and technology consultant and the co-founder of WISC Partners, a regional technology venture fund. He served as Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of Applied Materials, a leading supplier of semiconductor equipment from 2009 until he retired in June 2015. At Applied Materials, he was also President and CEO. An engineer and technologist, Mr. Splinter is a 40-year veteran of the semiconductor industry. Prior to joining Applied Materials, Mr. Splinter was a long-time executive at Intel Corporation. Mr. Splinter was elected to the National Academy of Engineers in 2017. Mr. Splinter is a member of Meyer Burger Technology’s compensation committee and TSMC’s audit and compensation committees.