Thomas A. Kloet

TMX Group Limited

Mr. Kloet was the first CEO and Executive Director of TMX Group Limited, the holding company of the Toronto Stock Exchange; TSX Venture Exchange; Montreal Exchange; Canadian Depository for Securities; Canadian Derivatives Clearing Corporation and the BOX Options Exchange, from 2008-2014.  Previously, he served as CEO of the Singapore Exchange and as a senior executive at Fimat USA (a unit of Société Générale), ABN AMRO and Credit Agricole Futures, Inc.  He also served on the Boards of CME and various other exchanges worldwide. Mr. Kloet is a CPA and a member of the AICPA.  He was inducted into the Futures Industry Association's Hall of Fame in March 2015.  Mr. Kloet serves as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Northern Funds, which offers 44 portfolios, and Northern Institutional Funds, which offers 7 portfolios.  Mr. Kloet also chairs the Boards of Nasdaq's U.S. exchange subsidiaries.